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The true Meaning of "JEJEMON"

Does Jejemon word really exist?

It is really not existed in a dictionary(for me the word "Jejemon" don't exist). The is a dictionary that accepts any word and information that any users wanted to, and accept it, by voting users then review and accept by the editors, that some of the irritated user's, post the word "Jejemon" and some of the true and false definition of it were posted on the and became a phenomenon in the Philippines.


(Jejemon) The "Hehe" laugh mistyped to ("Jeje") or pronounced "J" in Spanish, ("-mon") or monster adopted from an Anime cartoon Pokemon or Digimon.

"Jejemon" is a word/letter improviser some were originated on "Creative misspellings and ASCII-art-derived words"or "Leet Speak" and some always have an ending trademark of "jejeje", that some user couldn't understand the word/letter, and so annoying that they called it "Jejemon".

Example from sentence above:

jej3mOn |s a w0rd/1e7t3r imprOviser sOm3 w3re ori6|na73d On cre47|v3 m|55pe11|n6s 4nd @sc||-4r7-der|ved wordsor 1e37 spe4k and som3 @1w4y5 h4v3 4n 3nd|n6 7radem@rk 0f j3j3je, th@t some |_|ser c0|_|ldn't und3r5tand 73h word/le773r, 4nd s0 @nn0y!n6 th@7 7h3y c@l13d |t j3jemOn.

Some false meaning of "Jejemon".


1. "Jejemon" is only for Low-Class People.
2. "Jejemon" is Low in IQ.


1. Anyone can become "Jejemon", just by using these improvise word / letter.
2. "Jejemon" is not low in IQ, in fact, they're using their mind just how to scramble that word / letter in fast pace, but not recommended (It can affect your writing skills abnormally).

Origins of "Jejemon"

It is first originated on the online gaming world, chat rooms, social networking sites, and text on mobile phones, who are obsessed to use "Creative misspellings and ASCII-art-derived words"or "Leet Speak", others just getting on hype, as they include it to their messages, and some always have an end trademark of "jejeje", just to impress the readers, that they too can use the hype word / letter(which for me, it is not hype), very unreadable that the readers irritated to their messages, as well annoyed that they called and tease them(which is not true), low in IQ, how they do fashion, how the way they live and look.

What is "Leet Speak"?

, also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for the English language that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters. For example, leet spellings of the word leet include 1337 and l33t; eleet may be spelled 31337 or 3l33t.

The term leet is derived from the word elite. The leet alphabet is a specialized form of symbolic writing. Leet may also be considered a substitution cipher, although many dialects or linguistic varieties exist in different online communities.

The term leet is also used as an adjective to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment, especially in the fields of online gaming and in its original usage, computer hacking.1

History of "Leet"

Leet originated within bulletin board systems in the 1980s, were having "elite" status on a BBS allowed a user access to file folders, games, and special chat rooms. One theory is that it was developed to defeat text filters created by BBS or Internet Relay Chat system operators for message boards to discourage the discussion of forbidden topics, like cracking and hacking. Creative misspellings and ASCII-art-derived words were also a way to attempt to indicate one was knowledgeable about the culture of computer users. Once the reserve of hackers, crackers, and script kiddies, leet has since entered the mainstream. It is now also used to mock newbies, or newcomers, on web sites, or in gaming communities. Some consider emoticons and ASCII art, like smiley faces, to be leet, while others maintain that leet consists of only symbolic word encryption. More obscure forms of leet, involving the use of symbol combinations and almost no letters or numbers, continue to be used for its original purpose of encrypted communication. It is also sometimes used as a script language.1

Some user's uses "Leet Speak" Translator

Mixing "Leet Speak"

After using this "Leet Speak" translator some user improvised the converted word/letter.

Ex: ex@MPl3 - eXHh@MPhl3Zz

"Jejemon" usually added these letters "H", "Z", "X", "K", "W" and some "Q" just to add/change consonant sounds just to giving it a twist, but sometimes unreadable.

Most user usually use the moderate one that is easy to use.

About this Blog
This Blog is just gathering info and are "only in my own opinion" about "Jejemon", and not encouraging users to use Leet Speak very frequently, we could lose our ability to spell and pronounce right. (It can affect your writing and grammar abnormally) "So, please use our language, spell and pronounce it right".
Sorry I still need to sharpen my english grammar; poor grammar :).

Inappropriate or offensive comments will be removed.

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  1. Base on my research some people is too exaggerate that the Low-Class
    and even the Jejemons IQ were include to the topic, and I think this
    one is the right meaning
    cuz i think the urbandictionary just accepting all users(all of us)
    that we want to post any... words they want and even editor of the
    urbandictionary can be users(all of us) too

  2. low iq?? duh they just put some art

  3. tama ka may kung wala cla IQ paggamit lng ng PC di na nila alam.. buti nlng may ganitong site, kalat natin toh dami na kc may maling akala sa meaning ng JEJEMON

  4. you're definitely right,me sometimes use short words on texting like "k call u la8r" is that a jejemon na ba though I'm not using the word "jeje"??

  5. lol yup me too I don't even use the word "jeje".
    instead like this ... i message them:love yah and miss u mwax:) c u la8r,even with sometimes and when I'm rushing on time instead of using o on my text I nagagamit ko is 0(zero)..

  6. I know you're right on saying they are not low class and not had low IQ,but I hope they should know the proper way of texting,I respect theirs and they should know also how to deal,so far as they can they should stop using scramble letters with numbers and shifting.It doesn't make any sense.Believe me

  7. (can affect your writing skills abnormally). yep and here they said that it is Not Recommended and that's true :)

  8. tama kayu lahat! jejeje

  9. Nowadays jejemons are labelled as gangster, emo, and squatters. Don't blame the people for the mix-up though, since most of the people who use jejespeak are those type of people. Funny how some people who are labelled as jejemons join anti-jejemon pages. And yet they tYp3zh LaYkhz ThIsHzhs. Probably because of the bad image the norms have put on the word. I won't blame them, but these people are becoming hypocrites.

    It's becoming of an "emo" argument (where emo's define emo as a subculture while some define emo as a subgenre) so yeah people will never learn.

  10. but still the true meaning shall prevail, hehehe, me i dont want people to use that Leet Speak, cuz as this page says "can affect your writing skills abnormally"

  11. Pati yung mga bagay nadadamayMay 1, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    hehe alam nyu tayu lang din ang nagpasama ng ibig-sabihin ng jejemon eh, di naman yun tunkol sa klase at sa IQ ng isang tao, masyado nating binibigyan ng masamang kahulugan, simple lang naman ang kahulugan nun, na ang ibig-sabihin lang ay pag-ayaw mo sa isang taong laging ngtytype ng leet speak, na sobra na at naiinis ...kana, kaya tinawag mo syang jejemon, pero syempre ayaw ko masira o maiba yung tamang grammar ko kaya di talaga sya dapat gamitin, pero nasasakanila na yun kung gusto nila na masira o maiba yung tamang grammar nila, sa ibang page nababasa at nakikita ko ko na pati yung walang kamalay-malay na mga pictures sa page eh nilalait nila, pati yung cap nadamay narin at kung anu-anu pa grabe talaga, eh sa totoo lang eh wala naman talagang ganung word(jejemon)... Peace:).

  12. mbuhay ang mga jejemon !!! its a democratic country ..

  13. penge pah info bout jejemon .. need nmin in our research study .. email me at plssszzzzzzzzz... it will help us jejemonxzzzz ..

  14. "Jejemon" hating is a stupid fad and many people are going gaga over it. People ride the bandwagon of hate even though they don't know these people, thinking that hating is cool and the right thing to do. There's even a Facebook page named "GOTTA KILL EM ALL JEJEMON," KILL? Really? You're going to go as far as killing just because you don't like how a person types? You're no worse than Hitler and his crusade for eradicating the world of Jews if you think like that. "Jejemon" haters are far worse than what they hate. "Jejemons" are people too, like you and me. "Jejemon" haters makes me lose all hope on humanity. Cynicism oh dear cynicism.

  15. once rin naman tyu gumagamit ng shortcut words o kaya leet speak o maging jejemon ok parin gumamit nito pero wag naman natin ito abusuhin i practice parin natin ang tama, believe me its for our own good :)

  16. may point ka dun!

  17. okay lang naman ang shortcuts
    i myself gnagawa din yan!
    it doesnt mean na kapag nag
    shotcut ka then u mixed it wit numbers
    JEJEMON kana!

    hay naku!

  18. sorry po ah pero ang ibig ko po sabihin eh pinapaalala ko lng yung mga words na madalas nating i shortcut na di natin namamalayan na babago na or minsan nakakalimutan na natin yung correct spelling dahil sa pagkasanay ng shortcuts, yun lng po peace!

  19. di ko naman sinasabin na jejemon kana kapag gumamit kanun peace!

  20. Why is that "jejemon" always the topic? Can't we just ignore them? Okay. They irritate you. But puh-lease. Don't be one of them. You guys are beginning to be irritable too. Just like them. Well all I know is that "jeje" derived from the Spanish/European people. Some of them actually use that laugh. In my opinion, typing like that is like being "pa-twitums" or "pa-cute". And leet speak doesn't have anything to do with it. They just came up in their minds without knowing anything about leet speak. Just try asking them what it means.

    PS: Stop fooling around. GET A LIFE

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. jejemons sucks, seriously!, it ain't right changing form of text,.do you feel unique by doing that?
    well guess what you are freaking hilarious

    ps. im not against it, it really sucks when someone texted you in that format

    - renki

  23. yehey! sa wakas, may tawag na sa GANUNG pagtetext..

    tanung lang po..
    hindi ba galing sa 'Digimon' ang salitang 'Jejemon' kasi magkatunog sila?? at ang layo naman ng pokemon.. :)

  24. 'jeje' comes from 'hehehe' tawa poh yun .. they shift the 'h' into 'j' in laughing like this .. 'jejejejejejejejeje' kya naging 'jejemon'They are fond of shifting their text keys and they usually complicate the spelling of words by using numbers in replacement of some letters.

  25. ako jejemon din ako kc gngamit ko to kpag gusto ko paiksiin ung word na gagamitin ko pero di nman ako ung severe jejemon na Shifting na at numerical ginagamit..nakakatulong din nman ung pagtext ng short e hanggat naiintindhan pa ng katext ok!!!


  26. hehehe di ka pa jejemon! kc pag naasar yung ngbabasa sa txt mo, dun ka magiging jejemon jejejeje

  27. Jejemon has even invaded the iPhone. There's an app for jejemon.


  29. ang jejemon ay isang bagay n sa tx lng pwedeng sabihin